Ten Best Valentine's Day Proposal Ideas

Ten Best Valentine's Day Proposal Ideas

The most romantic day of the year, unsurprisingly Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days to get down on one knee. This year, let yourself be struck with Cupid’s arrow and make this a day of utter romance.

If you’re looking for ways to propose that will be sweeter than chocolates, our ten best Valentine’s proposal ideas will inspire you to think outside the box.

1. I love you because …

Who doesn’t love getting a card from their (not so secret) admirer on Valentine’s Day?

This year, set the romance stakes high by writing as many cards as you can; each one containing a different reason why you love them, some lovely Valentine Day quotes or a picture of special times you’ve shared together.

Make a trail of cards around the house which eventually leads to the best one of all; the one which asks them to share the rest of their life with you.

2. The locket of love

If you don’t want to propose with a diamond ring, why not ask the question with jewellery instead? For old-world romance you can’t beat a beautiful locket, and it’s even better when it comes with a secret note inside.

After an intimate lunch date or a relaxing stroll around her most favourite place, present her with the locket and be ready to capture her expression when she reads your request to marry you.

All you need to do then is to whisk her off to choose the most perfect ring together.

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3. The key to your heart

This idea is perfect for making as simple or as elaborate as you like.

Devise a treasure hunt around places that tell the story of how they won your heart, or simply hide romantic clues around the house. The objective is the same though; to find a key to a locked box.

It’s up to you whether you lock the ring in the box or not, but they’ll know they have the key to your heart once they solve the final clue.

4. Oh, so sweet

Okay, so maybe this one’s a little bit cliché, but it’s so sweet we couldn’t resist sharing it.

Ideal for sweethearts who love a bit of retro style, all you need is a tube of Love Heart sweets and a perfect place to share them. We’ve probably all joked about this before, but this time when you get to the ‘Marry Me?’ sweet, be ready to get down on one knee and wait for their answer.

5. Propose with a diamond that’s out of this world

If you know that sparkle is the way to her heart, then pop the question with one of our Beyond Brilliance diamond rings. With 100 dazzling facets (nearly twice that of a standard brilliant cut diamond) radiating from the centre of the stone, it’s guaranteed to sparkle like nothing else.

After planning a day of romantic treats and celebrations, present her with the most beautiful diamond she could have hoped for, before telling the world your news with a super-sparkly engagement selfie.

6. Show them the sky’s the limit

A completely unique adventure, why not (literally) sweep your loved one off their feet by taking them on a hot air balloon ride?

Floating in a basket at 4,000 feet is the perfect excuse for holding hands and snuggling up close. So, take the opportunity to hold them tight and whisper those four magical words in their ear before celebrating with the traditional Champagne toast back on firm ground.

7. Go back to where it first started

Going back to the beginning to talk about the future can make your proposal all the more meaningful.

Plan a trip to where you first met, where you had your first date or where you first realised you were falling in love and, when the moment’s perfect, get down on one knee and ask them to say ‘yes’ to your happily ever after.


8. Enjoy a cosy night in

If you want your proposal to be a more intimate affair, staying in is the new going out when it comes to popping the question over a romantic, candle-lit dinner for two.

Prepare your favourite meal, put on some romantic music, and dress as though you were going to the most exclusive restaurant. Then sweep your loved one off their feet with the question they’ve been dreaming of answering.

To go one step further, make your home the most exclusive restaurant of all by hiring a private chef to make the evening even more memorable.


9. Build the anticipation

With Valentine’s Day being one of the most popular days for marriage proposals, it’s fair to say that your plans for getting down on one knee might not come as a complete surprise.

The best day when it comes to romance, we say just go with the flow; you don’t have to give away your proposal plans, but don’t pretend you’re not up to anything either.

Make the most of the anticipation by planning a romantic day of building up to asking for their hand in marriage. Rent a classic car and drive to a cosy holiday cottage, then share a beautiful meal and find somewhere to watch the stars come out together.

It doesn’t matter if they know the question is coming, all that really matters is that they say ‘yes’.

For more romantic date night tips, check out our Date Guide.

10. Be Prince Charming

Charm bracelets are perfect for keeping memories close, and what better memories for sharing on Valentine’s Day than ones you treasure together?

When you’re exchanging Valentine’s Day gifts, give her a lovely charm bracelet as well as charms that represents some of your best moments: your first holiday, your favourite pet, or an inside joke.

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Make the last present of all a beautiful diamond ring, accompanied by the most important question you’ll ever ask.

For more proposal ideas, read our Proposal Guide which is full of inspiration on different ways to propose.

Now you’ve got plenty of marriage proposal ideas, we’ll help you make getting down on one knee as easy as possible. Find the perfect engagement ring with our Engagement Ring Buying Guide.

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