A Guide To Buying A TAG Heuer

A Guide To Buying A TAG Heuer

The starting point for many luxury watch collections, buying your first TAG Heuer watch can feel like a right of passage in watchmaking terms.

Founded in 1860 in the Jura mountains, they not only have a rich, Swiss watchmaking heritage, but have an avant-garde sense of style that is second to none. Their aim is to ‘reinvent the wheel; every time you can’.

Probably best known for their passion for high-octane sports as well as their legendary partnerships with team such as Formula 1’s Aston Martin Red Bull, our guide will take you through TAG Heuer’s collections to help you find the watch that’s perfect for you.

TAG Heuer Formula One: Worn By Champion Racing Drivers

If the adrenaline-fuelled world of motorsport is your thing, then the TAG Heuer Formula One collection is undoubtedly for you. Like its name suggests, these fast and furious timepieces are inspired by the extreme performance of Formula 1 teams. Worn by champion racing drivers, TAG Heuer Formula One watches are designed for a high-speed lifestyle both on or off the racetrack.

Partners of the Aston Martin Red Bull Formula One racing team, get your look ready for the Silverstone Grand Prix on the 8th July with a watch that is tough enough for pro-racers, whilst comfortable enough for everyday wear thanks to cutting-edge materials and advanced technology borrowed from the racing world.

Why not confirm your racing-enthusiast credentials with this TAG Heuer Formula One Gulf Chronograph Special Edition? Celebrating the greatest moments in motor racing history, it's definitely one for the collection.


Formula One at a glance:

32-43mm case size

200m water resistance

Our collection of TAG Heuer Formula 1 watches starts from £850 or £15.94 per month with 4 years interest free credit

Perfect for:

Thrill-seekers with motor racing in their blood

Those who want a sports watch that will look equally as good in the office as the bar

Showing off your love of racing with some seriously cool special editions

TAG Heuer Carrera: Racing Watches With History

A collection which was designed to pay tribute to the most dangerous road race in the world - the Carrera Panamericana, it goes without saying that the TAG Heuer Carrera collection is for speed demons, risk-takers and those who live life in the fast-lane.

Since it first appeared in 1963, the TAG Heuer Carrera has broken all the rules. The first chronograph to be specifically designed for motor racing drivers, the collection’s iconic Calibre 1887 broke the mould - becoming the brand’s first Manufacture movement and changing the face of watchmaking forever with its revolutionary Oscillating Pinion.

Today, the TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 is the most advanced edition of this famous calibre, and the most avant-garde of all the Carrera’s to date.


Carrera at a glance:

28-45mm case size

100m water resistance

Our collection of TAG Heuer Carrera watches starts from £1,300 or £24.38 per month with 4 years interest free credit

Perfect for:

Dare-devils, petrolheads and just about anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Those who want a watch that make a break from the norm.

Following in the footsteps of iconic racing drivers.

What is an Oscillating Pinon?

Invented by Edouard Heuer in 1887, the oscillating pinion works in a similar way to a car’s transmission and significantly improves the accuracy of a chronograph movement. It is still used today in many mechanical chronograph movements.

TAG Heuer Monaco: Iconic, Retro & World Famous

An iconic watch in so many ways, the TAG Heuer Monaco rose to fame when Steve McQueen, the  original King of Cool, wore it in his 1970’s racing film, Le Mans.


A genuine revolution in both aesthetics and technical prowess, the original TAG Heuer Monaco was powered one of the first automatic chronograph movements, and also made watchmaking history by becoming the first ever waterproof automatic chronograph with a square case.

If you want to score some extra bragging rights, look for a model with the crown on the left-hand side, like this TAG Heuer Monaco 1969


An iconic signature of the models that are equipped with the Calibre 11 movement - and a throw-back to the watch that Steve McQueen wore - this will give your watch a healthy dose of authenticity and provides a great talking point.

Monaco at a glance:

37-39mm case size

100m water resistance

Our collection of TAG Heuer Monaco watches starts from £1,400 or £26.25 per month with 4 years interest free credit

Perfect for:

Those who like iconic, retro design

Creating a sense of drama and presence but with a relatively small case size

The Steve McQueen connection and having a really cool talking point in the pub

TAG Heuer Aquaracer: Sporty, Stylish Diving Watches 

Since they patented the first waterproof watch case in 1895, TAG Heuer’s expertise in the world of dive watches has gone from strength to strength. Boasting high-tech, pressure-resistant cases, easy-grip unidirectional rotating bezels and ultra-bright luminescent markers, the TAG Heuer Aquaracer is a watch you can rely on during even your most intense aquatic adventures.

Built for action and making serious style waves since it was released in 1982, the TAG Heuer Aquaracer collection is designed for sea-dwellers who want to look great both above and beneath the surface.


Aquaracer at a glance:

27-43mm case size

300m water resistance

Our collection of TAG Heuer Aquaracer watches starts from £1,100 or £20.63 per month with 4 years interest free credit

Perfect for:

Those who like to take risks with their underwater adventures and rely on the ultimate precision of their watch for their safety

Sailing. You might not use all the dive watch features to keep track of your life on-board, but their high-water resistance will handle everything the ocean can throw at you

Blending modern, sporty style with serious tool watch functionality

TAG Heuer Link: Perfect Everyday Timepiece

As sleek and sophisticated as they come, the TAG Heuer Link collection’s biggest claim to fame is its bracelet with its distinctive ’S’ shaped links.

Yes, they’re sporty. Yes, they’re sophisticated. But the shape of these cleverly designed links make it (probably) the most comfortable watch bracelet around.

Combine minimalist-chic design, luxurious finishing touches, ultimate precision and, of course its super-comfy and stylish bracelet, and you can’t help but feel that the TAG Heuer Link might just be the perfect everyday timepiece.


Link at a glance:

32-43mm case size

100m water resistance

Our collection of TAG Heuer Link watches starts from £1,350 or £25.32 per month with 4 years interest free credit

Perfect for:

Those who want to combine style and elegance with the precision of a Swiss Made watch

Comfort. You won’t find a comfier bracelet than the TAG Heuer Link

Making a seamless transition between your on and off-duty looks

TAG Heuer Connected Modular: Customisable Smart Watch

Combining craftsmanship and Swiss watchmaking excellence with cutting-edge, Silicon-valley inspired technology, the TAG Heuer Connected Modular is a smart watch unlike any other.


With more style combinations than you can shake a stick at, its host of interchangeable features is the defining feature of the TAG Heuer Connected Modular. Not only can you customise the watch faces with the touchscreen interface, you can also swap straps, lugs and even the watch head itself.

Find out more in our Smart Watch Buying Guide.

Connected Modular at a glance:

41-45mm case size

50m water resistance

Our collection of TAG Heuer Connected Modular watches starts from £1,000 or £75.00 per month with 12 months interest free credit

Perfect for:

Blending Swiss Made style with the latest technology

Because it can be personalised in over 4,000 different way, it’s perfect for those who want an individual look

Having the best of both worlds - you can easily swap the touchscreen head for a classic mechanical watch

Check out our TAG Heuer Buying Guide, which includes five reasons to buy a TAG Heuer watch, for more inspiration, or have a read of our Ultimate Guide to Swiss Watches to learn more about the world of Swiss horology.  

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