What To Say When You Propose

What To Say When You Propose

So, hands up, who knew it was National Proposal Day on 20th March?

Designed as a day to let your partner know you’re ready for that engagement ring, National Proposal Day was created for all those hint-droppers out there whose hints weren’t heard. (If you’re still in the hinting stage, check out our post on How To Hint For A Proposal). It's the day to talk about your future, say you want to get married or, quite simply, propose!

For those who are preparing to pop the question and want to say more than just 'Will you marry me?', we’ve got some top tips on what to say when you propose to ensure you don’t get tongue-tied. 

What to say when you propose

1. Think it through beforehand

Whether you write it down and practice or just give it some thought, it’s good to have an idea of your 'speech' before the big moment. Jotting down bullet points of the main things you want to say is a perfect place to start. 

Extra tip: If you're nervous about proposing with a speech, why not write your proposal in a letter and give it to them just before the big moment? Then all you have to say is 'Will you marry me?'. Perfect for helping with nerves, and still very romantic! 

2. Get personal

You don’t want it to be a generic monologue that could apply to anyone. What do you love about them? How has your life changed now they’re in it? Why is it them you want to share your life with? What makes your relationship so unique? What life goals do you share?

We think it's all about the little things when you propose; the personal little details that will make it memorable for all the right reasons. So absolutely get personal! 


3. Look back... 

Talk about the moment you first met, the moment you knew you wanted to marry them or any other significant moment you’ve shared. They might not know how much impact this one moment had on you, so now’s the time to tell.

Looking back at your time together and reminiscing relationship milestones or special memories definitely ticks the 'good things to say during a proposal' box.

4. Then look ahead

Look ahead to your future together. Tell them you can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with them. What plans have you got? What are you looking forward to most? This lays the perfect foundation for those four words…

5. 'Will you marry me?'

And so the time has come. Those all-important words aren't going to say themselves. You'll know when it's the right moment to pull out the ring and say those four life-changing words. Good luck! 

For all the proposal tips you need, from how to propose to how to find their ring size in secret, check out our Complete Guide To Getting Engaged.

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