One To Watch | New Omega Constellation Manhattan Collection

One To Watch | New Omega Constellation Manhattan Collection

A collection which has been a symbol of unrivalled precision and skilled Swiss watchmaking since it was first introduced in 1952, the Omega Constellation is a watch family that’s designed to measure time with both beauty and elegance.

Continuously evolving over the last 67 years, the collection’s most popular update came about in 1982, with the arrival of the cosmopolitan Manhattan style and its famous ‘claws’.

Today, this iconic Omega collection has been treated to a full makeover; creating 101 fabulous new models with subtle updates to be discovered from every angle.


We’re a little bit in love!

The Origins Of The Constellation

Evolving from a timepiece originally designed to celebrate Omega’s 100th birthday, the Centenary was the brand’s first ever chronometer certified wristwatch.

Four years later, this remarkable watch evolved to become what we know today as the Constellation collection.

A beautiful dedication to Omega’s quest for precision and accuracy; with their elegant aesthetic, uncluttered round dial, distinctive horizontal links and the sophisticated gold star, it didn’t take long for this sophisticated collection to capture the hearts of women across the world.

Keeping The Manhattan Style Alive

As we celebrate our own 100th birthday this year, it seems even more fitting to celebrate the arrival of the updated Constellation Manhattan collection.

These striking new models might have been refreshed and reinvigorated for a new millennium, but they still remain true to the 7 key characteristics that made the Constellation an icon in the first place.

Let’s take a look.

1. The Bracelet-Watch Style

The 2018 edition of the Constellation Manhattan succeeds in blurring the lines between jewellery and timepiece even further.

Delicate bevelled edges increase the look of refinement, making the watch look slimmer, more elegant and infinitely more suited to pairing with your prettiest of party dresses.


There’s even a clever ‘comfort release’ built into the clasp which allows you to extend the bracelet by an extra 2mm when you need to.

2. The Statement Bezel

Whether adorned with glittering diamonds or etched with the updated slimline and upright Roman numeral markers, the new Constellation Manhattan’s bezel takes on a more slender aesthetic.

We love the way this serves to make the dial seem wider and more open; giving even more space to its uncluttered style.

3. The Constellation Claws

Without doubt, the Constellation claws are the defining characteristic of the collection.

Initially designed to ensure the case remained waterproof, today they provide a dramatic design feature which is recognisable at a glance.


Redesigned to wrap beautifully around the case whilst merging discretely into the bezel, these new claws are slimmer, sleeker and more iconic than ever.

4. The Crown

Okay, so maybe it’s not a design feature in its own right, but the redesign of the these new watches has been so detailed and thoughtful that it’s worth a mention.

Beautifully designed in its own right, the crown has been intricately crafted with ‘half-moon’ teeth; elegantly mirroring the famous half-moon crescent of the Constellation’s barrel-shaped case, and making the watches stunning from every angle.

5. The Integrated Bracelet

The horizontal links of the Constellation’s integrated bracelet has always been a design feature that makes it stand out, so it’s great to see the familiar ergonomic style staying put for the new models.

Whilst the bracelet design of the 25mm and 28mm quartz editions remain similar to the 2009 Manhattan edition, the 29mm Master Chronometer model is where you really see a difference.


Taking the Manhattan aesthetic to even more luxurious heights, the Constellation Manhattan Diamond Automatic Watch features glamorous ‘mid-bar’ links which makes the bracelet even more dramatic and wow-worthy.

6. The Decorative Dials

Available in seven sophisticated finishes, the new dials are enhanced with elegant, skeletonised leaf-shaped hands which are unique to this collection.

Even the hour markers have been given a new lease of life.


The diamond hour markers remain as captivating as ever, whilst the applied indices have been transformed to represent the Manhattan skyline and the triangular facets of the Freedom Tower.

7. The Iconic Case Back

As is to be expected, the attention to detail doesn’t finish with the front of the watch.

On both of the quartz editions, turning the watch over will reveal the striking ‘Observatory’ medallion, which has long been associated with this collection.

Whilst the 29mm automatic master chronometer edition features an ingenious domed, sapphire crystal case back which makes it much slimmer than expected for an automatic watch.

A collection which will appeal to fans of the earlier Constellation collections, as well as those looking for an elegant and sophisticated dress watch, the Omega Constellation Manhattan collection starts from £2,080 or £39.00 per month with interest free credit.

Our Verdict

Things We Like

✔ The elegant and iconic design

✔ The supreme attention to detail

✔ The heritage and prestige of the collection

Perfect For

✔ Those looking for a sophisticated dress watch

✔ Fans of Omega’s history

✔ Those who want their watch to provide plenty of talking points

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