Engagement Ring Trends For 2018

Engagement Ring Trends For 2018

We love diamond rings in all shapes and sizes, but this year there are a few engagement ring styles in particular that are under the spotlight. 

Only ever selecting the most beautiful diamonds, we don't believe in choosing a diamond, we believe in falling in love with it. Here are the biggest engagement ring trends for 2018 that are sure to steal your heart. 

Just casually send this on to your loved one and hope they get the hint!

1. Oval Cut Engagement Rings

Oval diamond engagement rings are the most popular trend of 2018, and although it's big for this year, oval rings will be beautiful forever. This timeless style will never go out of fashion, making an oval cut engagement ring the perfect forever ring.

The oval cut radiates the most breath taking fire and sparkle, glistening in every light and the elongated shape creates the illusion of a larger diamond.


2. Three Stone Engagement Rings

A traditional design, three stone engagement rings are in demand more than ever thanks to the beautiful Meghan Markle and her royal engagement ring. Prince Harry proposed to her with a stunning bespoke three stone yellow gold engagement ring, and this style has become more and more popular ever since. Well if it's good enough for royalty, then it's good enough for us!

Three stone rings are very romantic, as each diamond represents the past, present and future with your loved one, making it the perfect celebration for your big day and forever.


You can get the look with this breathtaking 18ct Gold Diamond Three Stone Ring, set on a polished 18ct gold band like Meghan's. Yellow gold engagement rings are becoming even more desirable since the royal engagement and we love the way it shows off the dazzling diamonds. 


Find out more about the royal proposal everyone's been talking about in our blog post here and learn why we Love Meghan's style. 

3. Rose Gold Engagement Rings

BBtJ_YG ring pair--rosegold--.jpg

Beautiful and contemporary, rose gold engagement rings have become a huge trend. As well as being modern, the warm and feminine rose pink hues give a romantic feel, making them the perfect symbol of love. 

4. Ring Stacks

Another big trend of the moment is adding more diamond rings next to your engagement ring, and we're not just talking wedding rings. Our Diamonds and Silhouettes collection is the perfect way to do this. These diamond rings fit inside the silhouette wedding ring perfectly and create the most stunning sparkle. 


5. Pear-Shaped Engagement Rings

Beautiful and elegant, pear-shaped diamond rings have been loved for many years and are set to be a big trend for 2018. Like oval rings, the elongated shape also gives the impression of a larger diamond and the cut creates a magnificent sparkle. 

BBtJ Pear D Ring_P ret ext.jpg

6. Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

A classic and traditional choice for an engagement ring, emerald cut diamond rings are perfect for someone who loves to exude a timeless sense of style. The long and narrow facets of the diamond create the most beautiful flashes of light.

We love the elegance of emerald cut diamond rings. They look especially stunning when surrounded by a halo of round brilliant diamonds for even more sparkle. 

BBTJ_CF 11L ret.jpg

We're incredibly passionate about helping you find the right engagement ring. View our post on Which diamond shape is for you or for all the inspiration you need when it comes to finding an engagement ring, view our Complete Guide to Getting Engaged

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