Diamond Shapes | Which Style Is For You?

Diamond Shapes | Which Style Is For You?

From round brilliant diamonds to pear-shaped diamonds, there are several fancy diamond shapes. We have so many different styles, and yes it can be very hard to choose between them all! The diamond shape you choose is a wonderful way to reflect your personality. If you're wondering how to choose an engagement ring, or searching for engagement ring tips, then read on to find out which is the perfect diamond shape for you.  

Round Brilliant Diamonds

Round brilliant diamonds are a very popular style for diamond engagement rings. The perfectly symmetrical shape lets the light disperse beautifully from every angle from the bottom and out through the top of the diamond. 

Cut with 57 facets, a round brilliant diamond radiates the most fire, sparkle and brilliance and has a timeless style, so you'll treasure your diamond for a lifetime. 

Princess Diamonds

A modern cut, the princess cut diamond showcases a contemporary square cut and is the most dazzling and brilliant of all square-shaped diamonds. Princess cut engagement rings are the perfect choice for proposing to someone with a glamorous sense of style and someone who loves to give every look the wow-factor.

This style works wonderfully for engagement rings with larger carat diamonds. And of course, the 'princess' title is an added bonus! 

Oval Diamonds

Vintage-inspired, the oval-shaped diamond reflects a bygone era and classic diamond designs. A stunning twist on the round brilliant cut, oval engagement rings have plenty of brilliance and fire. 

A very fashionable cut for engagement rings, oval-shaped diamonds look beautiful with a halo of smaller round brilliant diamonds set around it. This diamond cut is perfect for someone who loves to fuse contemporary and classic style. 

Marquise Diamonds 

A truly elegant design, the marquise diamond is a true statement of glamour. Described as 'boat'-shaped, this lovely cut can help fingers look long and slender. The way the diamond is cut also gives you a visually larger diamond, making your diamond ring incredibly luxurious. 

Marquise cut diamonds are a beautiful choice for an engagement ring and are perfect for someone who loves to stand out and wants something beautiful, but a little different.

Pear Diamonds

A unique and beautiful cut, a pear-shaped diamond blends the shape of a round brilliant diamond with a marquise shape for a truly wonderful sparkle. Pear-shaped diamonds are also known as teardrop diamonds because of their shape and they can be worn with the point upwards or downwards, depending on your preference. 

Pear-shaped diamonds are also very popular for other jewellery pieces, so if you've fallen in love with this style, be sure to look out for other pear-shaped jewellery pieces

Emerald Cut Diamonds

Inspired by emerald stones, diamond experts found that the emerald shape is also a beautiful way to cut a diamond. Emerald cut diamonds feature a rectangular-shaped diamond with elegantly rounded corners. 

The long facets of an emerald-cut diamond will highlight the stones clarity very clearly. An emerald cut engagement ring is a lovely choice for lovers of vintage-inspired and sophisticated design. 

Cushion Diamonds

Cushion cut diamonds have a very glamorous and feminine feel. Featuring a square-shaped diamond with elegantly rounded edges, the cushion cut diamond resembles a pillow, as the name suggests. 

Cushion cut diamonds have large facets which allow greater separation of white light into spectral colours, dispersing all the colours of the rainbow. Cushion cut engagement rings also look beautiful framed with a halo of round brilliant diamonds for a truly dazzling engagement ring. 

Baguette Diamonds

Narrow and rectangular, baguette cut diamonds have been a popular choice for engagement rings since as early as the 1920s. Baguette diamonds are reminiscent of the Art Deco movement with the geometric form and clean lines, so are a good choice for those wanting an art deco engagement ring. 

Baguette cut diamonds are often used to create a cluster design for engagement rings, with more than one stone to enhance the sparkle. They also look beautiful when used to embellish an engagement ring's shoulders, matched with a dazzling round brilliant diamond in the centre. 

Now you know about diamond cuts, but do you know your halos from your clusters? Find out what engagement ring style you are here

We also go into lots more detail about how to buy a diamond in our Diamond Buying Guide, full of information on the very important 4 C’s; cut, colour, clarity and carat as well as how we choose our diamonds.

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