How To Clean Gold Jewellery

How To Clean Gold Jewellery

Is your gold jewellery looking a little dull? Follow our top tips on how to clean gold jewellery - which includes how to clean white gold and rose gold pieces, too. 

We recommend you get your jewellery professionally cleaned once a year at any of our stores (find your nearest one here), but these tips are perfect for cleaning more regularly at home.

If your gold jewellery has pearls or certain types of gemstones, be careful when cleaning these as they require extra special care. Check out our full Jewellery Care Guide for more info. 

How to clean gold jewellery

What you'll need: 

Two bowls of lukewarm water

Mild washing-up liquid

A soft bristled brush

A soft lint-free cloth

What to do: 

1. Add a few drops of the mild washing-up liquid to one of the bowls of lukewarm water

Mix to get a soapy solution. Using lukewarm water means you’re not subjecting your jewellery to extreme changes in temperature, which could damage it. 

2. Soak your jewellery in the bowl with washing-up liquid for ten minutes

This will loosen any dirt or grime, ready for you to gently remove. 

3. Clean gently with the soft-bristled brush

Take your jewellery out of the bowl and scrub gently with the brush, paying attention to any hard-to-reach places where dirt may be hidden. A soft-bristled brush ensures you won’t scratch the surface of your jewellery.  

4. Rinse well in the clean water

Soap can leave a residue on your gold jewellery, so make sure you rinse thoroughly to remove all the washing-up liquid.   

5. Dry and polish with the lint-free cloth

Using a lint-free cloth ensures no fuzz or threads will be left behind. Enjoy your sparkling new jewellery!


For on-the-go cleaning, our Cleaning Products are super easy to use and will ensure your jewellery is sparkling wherever you are.

Polish your gold jewellery with Connoisseur Beauty Wipes, designed to maintain your gold’s shining lustre and protect against tarnish. The Connoisseur Diamond Dazzle Stik is also perfect for when you’re out and about. Simply dab the gel onto your diamond and then rinse to see the instant sparkle.  

For more tips on how to clean jewellery, and for help on how to safely store and look after your jewellery, visit the full Jewellery Care Guide

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