How To Hint For A Proposal

How To Hint For A Proposal

So you’ve met the one, but they’re not quite getting the hint when it comes to taking it to the next step. Sound familiar? Fear not. All they need is a little push in the right direction and you’ll have that engagement ring on your finger in no time! Follow these sneaky little tips on how to hint to your loved one and get engaged.

1. Be Social

Get liking bridal images and diamond ring posts on social media for your loved one to see. Share them with your friends and if they’re true friends, they’ll know what you’re up to and reply with “that’s perfect for you!” Hopefully your loved one will agree.

2. Pull Out The Magazines

Maybe don’t leave the bridal magazines lying around just yet, unless you’re feeling very brave. For a more subtle approach, have a flick through a fashion magazine to see if there’s any celebrity weddings in there and point out “how lovely it looks” hint hint. Or casually leave it open on a diamond ring advert.

3. Just Say It 

Talk about being married, rather than asking them outright to propose. Talk about your future together as though you assume you will eventually be married. This will help them to picture how lovely it could be. This will also give you a good indicator as to if they’re on the same page.

4. Get Friends And Family Involved

Get your friends to do the work for you and drop a few subtle hints on how it’s time they popped the question. They can come back to you with the inside information and will hopefully have some good news for you. Just make sure your loved one doesn’t find out you’re in on it!

5. Diamond Window

Next time you're out on the high street together, make sure you walk past your local Beaverbrooks store and subtly stop to look at the jewellery window. Point at the diamond rings you love and be vocal about how you'd love to have one like that one day (one day very soon...!)


Need some more tips? Discover even more sneaky ways to hint for a proposal here. Or why not check out our Complete Guide to Getting Engaged for all the help you need.

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