A Guide To Buying A Breitling

A Guide To Buying A Breitling

One of the most revered watch brands in the world, Breitling watches are an unrivalled example of Swiss craftsmanship. The official supplier to the world of aviation, Breitling are also the world’s only watch brand to equip every major model with chronometer certified movements. 

What is a chronometer certified movement? A movement which has been tested and certified by an official neutral body: the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC), to ensure the highest precision and quality. 

If you’re considering a Breitling, or you’ve got your heart set on one but unsure which model is for you, this guide will take you through the different Breitling collections; listing their features, benefits and differences.

Breitling Navitimer; Retro & World Famous


The Breitling Navitimer could quite easily carry the crown of ‘Breitling’s most famous watch’. The oldest collection (having launched in 1952), the Navitimer was, and still is, designed with aviation in mind; with the iconic slide rule feature allowing pilots to perform all calculations that a flight plan requires.

It is this impressive feature that makes the Navitimer one of the most practical tool watches for use inside a plane’s cockpit. To this day, the Breitling Navitimer continues to be favoured by professional pilots and aviation admirers.


Navitimer at a glance:

Water resistant to 30m

43mm to 48mm case size

Our collection of Breitling Navitimer watches starts from £4,920 or £92.25 per month with 4 years interest free credit

Perfect for:

Those who want one of the most iconic Breitling watches

The cult watch collector

Professional pilots or fans of aviation  

Those who like a retro, vintage-inspired style

Those who want a Breitling in-house movement 

What's an in-house movement? This is a movement produced and assembled entirely by the brand themselves. This arguably means more control over the production, and a more exclusive product. Shop all watches with in-house movements here

Breitling Colt; Sturdy, Reliable, Attractive Price Point


Sturdy, reliable and functional, the Breitling Colt is a superb watch with a VERY attractive price point – for a timepiece from arguably one of the world’s greatest watch brands.

Breitling have equipped models in the Colt line with either a Breitling SuperQuartz™ movement, which is ten times more accurate than standard quartz, or an automatic movement – both of which are chronometer certified by COSC.

Built for action, achievements and thrills, Breitling Colts boast solid construction and come complete with the high quality feel you expect from a heritage Swiss watch brand.


Colt at a glance:

36mm to 44mm case size

Water resistant to 200m

Our collection of Breitling Colt watches start from £1,690 or £31.68 per month with 4 years interest free credit

Perfect for:

Those who want an entry level Breitling

Being robust and reliable, even within an adventurous lifestyle

Breitling Chronomat; The Impressive All-Rounder


Boasting a chunkier and heavier looking case, the Breitling Chronomat is a definite all-rounder. Built to withstand the most extreme conditions, the Chronomat is a robust and sturdy watch equipped with both a diver’s bezel and a chronograph function.

It was originally designed in 1984 to equip the Freeze Tricolori military aerobatic display team, and today the Chronomat has become an iconic and distinctive collection. Most watches in the Chronomat collection come with a Breitling in-house movement. 


Chronomat at a glance:

Water resistancy ranges from 100m to 500m

38mm to 47mm case size

Our collection of Breitling Chronomat watches start from £6,230 or £116.81 per month with 4 years interest free credit

Perfect for:

Those who want an impressive and imposing watch on the wrist

Those who want Breitling’s in-house movement

Those who want a bit of everything; part pilot watch, part diver’s watch

Breitling Avenger; Fit For All Adventures


Fit for all adventures, the Breitling Avenger line boasts unrivalled power, precision and functionality. With water resistance going up to a staggering 3,000m, the Avenger is similar to the Chronomat with its ultra-sturdy construction, but with a slightly simpler case design and the option of less-busy dials. 


Avenger at a glance:

44mm to 48mm case size

Water resistancy ranges from 300m to 3,000m

Our collection of Breitling Avenger watches start from £2,910 or £54.56 per month with 4 years interest free credit

Perfect for:

Incomparable performance

Fans of the Chronomat model but want a more accessible design and price

Those who want a trustworthy companion on extreme adventures

Breitling Superocean; The Dedicated Diver’s Collection  


First created in 1957 in the middle of the dive watch boom, the Breitling Superocean is a wonderful choice for those who want a diving watch. Echoing the functions and elegance of the original 1950s model, this diving watch is the meeting point of exceptional engineering, easy legibility, stunning design and phenomenal levels of water resistance.

Smart, stylish and made for ocean adventures, Breitling Superocean watches are equipped with either COSC certified self-winding mechanical or SuperQuartz movements.

TIP: If you’re looking for something a little more retro but still innately sporty, explore the Breitling Superocean Heritage collection. Celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, the Superocean Heritage line closely resembles the first 1957 Superocean model. 


Superocean at a glance:

36mm to 46mm case size

Water resistancy ranges from 500m to 2,000m

Our collection of Breitling Superocean watches start from £3,060 or £57.37 per month with 4 years interest free credit

Perfect for:

The ultimate diving tool

Those who want a distinctive and recognisable design

Those looking for a heritage timepiece

Breitling Professional; Technical Expertise, Designed For Professional Pilots


Filled with the highest level of technical expertise, the Breitling Professional collection is built to military specifications and showcases an impressive list of functions blended with optimal user friendliness, readability and ergonomics.

Including models like the Breitling Exospace B55 Connected and the Cockpit B50, these Breitling Professional watches have largely been specially developed for aviation use. 


Professional at a glance:

43mm to 46mm case size

Water resistance to 100m  

Our collection of Breitling Professional watches start from £3,260 or £61.12 a month with 4 years interest free credit

Perfect for:

Those who want a tool watch packed full of functions and technical features

Professional pilots

There are some Breitling collections we haven't covered in this guide, for example Transocean, Galactic and the Breitling for Bentley line, as we wanted to give you a good starting point with the main collections. You can read about these other collections here

Also check out our online Breitling Buying Guide here, which includes five reasons to buy a Breitling watch. 

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