Our Favourite Alternative Engagement Rings

Our Favourite Alternative Engagement Rings

When it comes to the current trend for alternative engagement rings, it’s all about finding the perfect style that reflects you and your personality.

A ring that’s full of meaning in its own right, taking the ‘rules’ and bending them to match your style can create an engagement ring that’s perfectly suited to telling your unique love story.

Whether you’re looking for a diamond ring with a difference or a coloured gemstone, here are our top 5 picks for achieving a look that’s a little less ordinary.

Vintage Engagement Rings

Perfect for those who love a sense of old-world romance, vintage style engagement rings can create a look with real wow-factor.

A style that is characterised by halo settings and traditional glamour, you can add your own modern touch to your vintage engagement ring by opting for a coloured centre stone.

This 18ct White Gold Diamond and Aquamarine Ring has got plenty of that romantic vintage-vibe, but with a subtle twist that makes it really unique.


Ruby Engagement Rings

The birthstone for July and a symbol of long-lasting affection, going for a ruby ring will not only give you an engagement ring that shines with your own personality, but also has a great story to tell.

A ruby and diamond ring is perfect if you’re looking for something a bit different to start your happily ever after. Loved for their beautiful deep red colour, rubies are normally paired with diamonds whose crisp, clear characteristics make the regal ruby tones seem even richer.

We absolutely love this 18ct White Gold Ruby and Diamond Ring.


Just right for declaring your eternal love, the diamond shoulders and glistening diamond halo makes this stunning ruby ring even more eye-catching.

Art-Deco 1920’s Style

A decade of daring glitz and glamour, the Roaring Twenties with its signature Art-Deco style seems to be having its time in the spotlight again as we approach its centenary.

A style that is bold, flamboyant and not afraid of standing out, there’s plenty of scope here to find an alternative engagement ring that will show off your individuality.

Favouring diamond clusters with mixed cuts such as baguette, emerald and marquise, an Art-Deco engagement ring has all the drama and sophistication you would expect from its Jazz-Age inspiration.


This Once by Beaverbrooks Engagement Ring pairs elegant, sophisticated style with an unusual diamond shape to make an eye-catching statement.

Oval Stones

A great shape for creating lots of sparkle, oval shaped diamonds are the perfect different-but-not-too-different option.

Romantic, elegant and ever so glamorous, they take everything that’s great about the round brilliant cut and add a little extra touch of personality.

This 18ct white gold diamond three stone ring takes a traditional style which represents your past, present and future and makes it wonderfully modern with oval-shaped diamonds and a very subtle halo setting. We’re in love.

0108176-0-ProductX (1).jpg

The oval shape also works well with other gemstones. Opals in particular look great in an oval shape, as do both sapphires and rubies. We love the glistening contrast of clear diamonds and the deep blue sapphire for this stunning 18ct gold diamond and sapphire cluster ring.


Beyond Brilliance by Beaverbrooks


Just launched for our 100th birthday celebrations, our Beyond Brilliance collection consists of the most breathtaking diamond rings that have a very special difference.

The diamonds are cut with 100 facets radiating from the centre of the stone, creating almost twice the flashes of light than the usual 57 facet round brilliant, for sparkle that’s simply extraordinary.

If you want even more inspiration for choosing your perfect engagement ring, check out our Engagement Ring Buying Guide.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

A contemporary engagement ring trend, rose gold engagement rings are the perfect choice if you want something less traditional and more modern. Rose gold is a gorgeous shade for an engagement ring, as the pink-ish hues add instant romance.

This 9ct Rose Gold Diamond Solitaire Ring beautifully shows off the central diamond with its polished 9ct rose gold band.


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