Introducing | Beyond Brilliance by Beaverbrooks

Introducing | Beyond Brilliance by Beaverbrooks

Created in celebration of our 100th birthday (yes, we’re 100 this year! Discover 100 years of Beaverbrooks) ,we’re so excited to introduce to you our breathtaking new diamond collection, Beyond Brilliance.

Specially created for us, the diamond cut is the only cut of this kind in the world; it’s taken years of careful craftsmanship to perfect.

With 100 facets radiating from the centre of each diamond, our Beyond Brilliance collection creates almost twice the flashes of light than the usual 57 round brilliant diamond.

So, what makes Beyond Brilliance diamonds so special?

Sparkle That’s Simply Extraordinary

Well, first of all, the sparkle is out-of-this-world extraordinary.

Your usual round brilliant diamond has 57 facets, so if this creates a wonderful sparkle, imagine the flashes of light when a diamond has been cut with 100 facets radiating from the centre of the stone. This means twice the fire, brilliance and scintillation.


And, to make it even more dazzling, we’ve carefully cut each diamond from the rough to create maximum sparkle. Our Beyond Brilliance diamonds were only ever destined to become 100 facet diamonds.


The fire and scintillation really is enough to take your breath away. See for yourself here…

Canadian Beauty

Formed deep beneath the pristine wilderness of Canada, each one of our Beyond Brilliance diamonds are Canadian diamonds, said to be among the most beautiful diamonds in the world. Each one of our Beyond Brilliance diamonds can actually be traced back to the exact location it was mined in Canada with its unique certificate, so you know exactly where your diamond’s journey began.

Such a beautiful diamond needs the perfect setting. For us, there was only one choice of setting for our Canadian diamonds. The 18ctPureWhite gold setting is made exclusively with Canadian gold and a high palladium content for a highly durable and bright white finish.


Infinite Love

Just when you thought this exclusive diamond collection couldn’t get any better, we’ve added another detail to make these rings, earrings and pendants even more special.

Each one has a hidden infinity symbol to represent an eternal bond, making this collection the ultimate way to propose your everlasting love.


A Diamond Collection Like No Other…

The most beautiful symbol of eternal love, these Beyond Brilliance diamond rings are the ultimate way to propose to your loved one.

Once they see the light, sparkle and fire from the 100 facets radiating from the centre of the diamond, they’ll instantly know how special this diamond is and how much they mean to you.

Or why not celebrate a special moment with one of these beautiful diamond jewellery pieces from the collection, with dazzling pendants and earrings.

Each one has the signature hidden infinity symbol and sparkles like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

You can discover more about the Beyond Brilliance collection, or discover 100 years of Beaverbrooks.

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