Jewellery Trends For 2019

Jewellery Trends For 2019

If you’re wanting to update your jewellery box in 2019, there’s lots of places to get inspired, from here on our blog to the endless inspiration on Instagram. With more than one billion active users, it’s no surprise that many of us use the platform for style tips. At Beaverbrooks, we’re no different!

#Jewellerygram - Some Of The Best Instagrammers To Follow (And Their Top Jewellery Trends For 2019)

With the New Year in full swing, we’re pointing you in the direction of some of our favourite influencers on Instagram – including our Chief Bling Officer Robyn Poppy, of course – to give you all the inspiration you could possibly need for a refreshed jewellery look.

We also asked each of our chosen Instagrammers for their top jewellery trends for 2019. Here’s what they told us…

It’s Time To Be Bold

We could scroll through Rebecca Hudson’s dreamy Instagram photos literally all day. Meanwhile, her blog (which you can find here) is also a treasure trove of lifestyle and beauty inspiration.


As far as 2019 jewellery trends are concerned, Rebecca believes that bold jewellery pieces will fill the pages of every magazine this year.

"I think bold, statement jewellery will make a comeback for 2019. Chunky jewellery is not always easy to pull off, but with a minimalistic outfit it can make all the difference. Lots of colour, bling and shapes will be in our shops and high streets!"

Follow Rebecca here: @rebeccafayehudson

Another advocate for bold jewellery is Shohista Turdi, a trained jewellery enthusiast and Editor in Chief at Jewellery Pursuer.


One quick look at all of the sparkling gemstones on Shohista’s Instagram feed is enough to see she definitely practices what she preaches.

“2019 will be a year for the return of maximalist jewellery according to Spring 2019 runways. It will be a year [for] statement necklaces, yellow gold chokers, larger-than-normal earrings and the comeback of bangles.”

Follow Shohista here: @jewellery_pursuer

Winner of our Chief Bling Officer campaign and fashion influencer Robyn Poppy is also loving bold pops of colour when it comes to this year’s jewellery trends. Robyn’s Instagram is full of inspirational outfits and accessories and it’s clear she knows how to nail the perfect finishing touches.

Robyn insta.jpg

“One of the key trends for 2019 is coloured gems and statement jewellery. Coloured gems have a real vintage look to them which, as well as being particularly on-trend at the moment, will also make a classic piece in the future.”

IMG_3754-2-min (1).jpg

Follow Robyn here: @robynpoppy

Layered Jewellery Is Going To Be Huge

Why settle for one piece of jewellery when you can wear several at the same time? Layered jewellery, whether it’s necklaces, bracelets or rings, is going to be even more popular this year.

Rosanna Urry, who writes for Wears Rosie is certainly a big fan.


“My absolute favourite jewellery trend at the moment is layering necklaces. Any length, any style, any colour, I feel like you can’t go wrong with a bit of layering! I’m particularly loving mixing and matching charms, I feel bare without them and I’m sure they’ll be around well into 2019.”

Follow Rosanna here: @wearsrosie

Lucas Samaltanos-Ferrier, who founded Jewellery Historian in 2014, is also fully on board with the layering trend.


“Layering long necklaces, chains and pendants, enamel, natural gemstones, hoops and celestial, vintage charms of your choice; 2019 will be a year where you can adopt the motto of our team and make it yours: ‘Designers don't follow trends, they create them’!”

Follow Lucas here: @jewellery_historian

Earrings Will Get A New Lease Of Life

We’re going to fall in love with earrings all over again in 2019. There are few better ways to add a touch of glamour to your outfit than by finishing it off with a beautiful set of stylish earrings.

Writing for Lurchoundloves, Charlotte Buttrick knows a thing or two about accessorising for different occasions (just check out her awe-inspiring Instagram pics if you need any more proof!)


“In 2019, I think that statement earrings will continue to be a focal point when accessorising an outfit. Especially minimal and modern silver and gold statement earrings. I predict that tassels will become a huge trend during the spring/summer season, from jewellery to trousers, jackets and perhaps even footwear!”

Follow Charlotte here: @charlottebuttrick

With so many designs to choose from (check out our post on last year’s most popular earrings), you can pull off a totally different look just by switching your earrings. Whether you’re a fan of subtle, understated designs or bold, attention-grabbing styles, there’s a pair of earrings for every style and mood.

There’s no doubting the kind of style that fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger Hannah Lewis will be going for this year.


“Glamorous earrings will be a favourite again, while statement belts will continue to add detail to an outfit.”

Follow Hannah here: @hannahj.lewis

Fashion blogger Robyn Poppy has more style advice and believes one of the biggest earring trends for 2019 will be statement drop earrings.


“A trend which at first I was a little unsure of, but now I’m completely converted… drop earrings. Keep an eye out in 2019 for the world to fall in love with drop earrings.”

‘Mix And Match’ Metals

While some people will have a clear idea of their favourite metal - be it gold, rose gold, or silver - there’s nothing to say that you can’t mix different hues together.

Jodie Foster, of, predicts we’ll be a little more daring and experiment with different jewellery styles in 2019.


“I predict that mixing gold with silver will be the ‘in’ thing, as why not be a little more [adventurous] and mix with textures and colours? Gold jewellery also springs to mind for my kind of minimalistic style!”

Follow Jodie here: @hello_jodie

Blogger Caitlin Golder says that mixing jewellery shades isn’t necessarily a new jewellery trend, but it’s one that’s likely to get even bigger this year.


“At the moment I am loving mixing white gold, yellow gold and rose gold and stacking them. I feel like this is such a huge trend at the moment and I believe it will continue to grow and never go out of style. They’re so easy to style up combined together; if someone doesn’t feel as confident with styling, then this trio is perfect!”

Follow Caitlin here: @caitlinnngolder

You don’t need to spend very long scrolling through Maria Joynson’s Instagram feed to realise she’s the queen of accessorising. Maria’s loving the gold trend right now, particularly yellow gold, and thinks it will continue in the jewellery spotlight throughout 2019.


“Gold will continue to be huge, if not bigger in 2019. I think we'll see even more gold necklace layering.”

Follow Maria here: @mariajblogs

Lily Nadtochi of Diamond Buzz adores pairing timeless classics with new trends and has some exciting ideas about the type of necklace people will be wearing this year.

diamond buzz.jpg

“[In terms of] necklace styles, I would always recommend choosing a solitaire pendant, whether it’s diamonds or cubic zirconia. Whatever the stone and the cut, it always looks sophisticated and timeless. Besides, such classic pieces may easily be paired with fashion style necklaces.

“Yellow gold has always been a popular choice for those who want to stand out from the crowd. It's classic. Try to stack yellow, white and rose gold rings, necklaces or bracelets. Looks amazing and so fresh.”

Follow Lily here: @diamond_buzz

Watches & Bracelets Working In Harmony

There’s no doubt that a classic watch will turn heads on its own, but in 2019 many of us are planning to go the extra mile to make our wrists stand out even more.

Marion Fasel of The Adventurine believes the key is wearing a classic timepiece on one wrist and chic stacked bracelets on the other.


“In 2019 we’re going to have a renewed interest in watches and stacking bracelets. Watches just feel really fresh again and there are so many feminine styles to choose from.”

Follow Marion here: @theadventurine

The Year Of Aquamarine

Coloured gemstones are a huge trend for 2019, but we particularly love the glistening pale blue hues of aquamarine. From pendants to earrings, this pretty gemstone adorns all styles of jewellery beautifully.

Robyn Poppy can’t get enough of aquamarine and predicts it will be one of the biggest trends of the year!

IMG_3741-min (1).jpg

“Aquamarine jewellery is set to be huge for 2019, due to the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, sporting THAT 1997 aquamarine cocktail ring at her wedding reception.”

Which big jewellery trends are you looking out for in 2019? We’d love to hear your thoughts! While you’re adding our Instagrammers to your followed accounts, why not add one more? You can follow Beaverbrooks the Jewellers right here.

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