Top Ten Creative Proposal Ideas

Top Ten Creative Proposal Ideas

Planning how to propose can be one of the biggest decisions you'll ever make. No pressure! If you want to think outside the box, then here's some unique and creative proposal ideas to help get you inspired, including one very special proposal we helped make come true.

1. Marvel-inspired Proposal

Want to plan a marvel-lous proposal? Then take note from this superhero who popped the question in a way him and his now fiancée will never forget. 

Daniel Kinny and his partner Louisa Hanley are massive fans of the Marvel Avengers films and Iron Man is Louisa's favourite character. When we heard Daniel was planning to dress up as Iron Man and ask for Louisa's hand in marriage, we had to help make his idea come to life.

A marriage proposal is an important milestone in any relationship, and it’s the special little details that make it personal and unique for every couple, which is why we wanted to help Daniel create the superhero proposal he’d always wanted. 

Daniel disguised as Iron Man and pretended to be a street performer on one of the busiest streets in Glasgow. Very brave! Meanwhile, with a little help from us, Louisa was on a shopping trip with her friend. Louisa’s friend was in on the exciting proposal and made sure she was in the right place at the right time. 

Louisa went to put some change down for the 'superhero character', but as she did this, Iron Man stepped down, took off his mask and got down on one knee. 


Louisa was in complete shock and the look on her face was absolutely priceless. She was so confused, she even ran away at first, but luckily for Daniel she stopped and turned around in time to see what was really going on. 

After telling her she's the love of his life (aww!) and asking 'will you marry me?', Louisa very quickly said yes! 

The new bride-to-be said “I love how Daniel really made the proposal special to our relationship and really considered the little things that would make it memorable. I’ve found my very own superhero and I look forward to many more surprises from him in the future!” Louisa Hanley. Read our post on how it's the little things that make a proposal special.

Daniel proposed with this beautiful silver cubic zirconia twist solitaire ring, so the couple could go and choose Louisa's diamond ring together at our Beaverbrooks store.


Our proposal rings are a great way to ask your loved one to marry you if you're unsure on what ring style they would like.

The engagement ring the couple chose together at our Beaverbrooks store was this gorgeous Platinum Diamond Pear Solitaire Ring. With a stunning vintage feel, we love the pear-shaped design that gives off the most incredible sparkle.


We're so pleased for this loved up couple and wish them all the happiness for the future. We're thinking a superhero-themed wedding should definitely be on the cards! 

Watch the magical moment it happened here...

Here's some more fun and unique ways to pop the question... 

2. Hire a choir to show up whilst your on a romantic date together. Choose a beautiful park and have the choir sing your loved one's favourite song as you get down on one knee.

3.  Make it a magical moment and learn a few magic tricks to wow your partner. Start out with a few card tricks then for the wow finish - reveal the ring box as if out of nowhere. Watch videos online for inspiration.

See how we helped make someone's proposal extra magical as he used the help of a street magician to pop the question...

4. Plan a scavenger hunt around your favourite places, giving clues but not revealing what they're looking for. For the final clue, you'll be down on one knee with the ring in your hand and all that's left is for them to say yes!

5. Recreate your first date for ultimate romance. This will bring back so many happy memories and the proposal at the end will make it the perfect night.

6. Act out a scene from your partner's favourite film. If it's dirty dancing, learn the dance from the end scene and if you're really brave enough, try the lift at the end before getting down on one knee with the ring. They're guaranteed to be impressed.

7. A really romantic way to pop the question is to set up your own scene in a stunning setting. Why not decorate a beautiful space in a woodland with fairy lights, picnic blankets and champagne? Watch the stars together after they say yes. 

8. Propose to your loved one whilst on a roller coaster. This might sound a bit crazy, but believe us - it can be done! Check out our blog post on how one of our customers made a splash as he proposed to his loved one whilst riding the log flume at Disneyland!


9. If you and your loved one are currently talking about getting a pet together, surprise them with a new puppy or kitten and wait for the real surprise when they find the ring on the collar.

10. Have you and your partner just bought a house together that needs fixing up? Before you start working on the house, decorate one room dedicated to your proposal. Fill the room with candles and fairy lights, photos of the two of you and write 'will you marry me?' on the walls whilst you wait with the ring in the middle of the room. This will make your new home even more special.

We love helping you plan your most special moments. For more helpful proposal tips, discover our handy Complete Guide To Getting Engaged for everything you need.

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