Famous Watches In Films

Famous Watches In Films

Having played important roles in our personal and professional lives for decades, watches have also enjoyed the spotlight on the silver screen for many years.

Like with your own choice of watch, it’s important that film-stars' timepieces not only look good but also perfectly match their style and personality - whilst even adding depth to the storyline.

The James Bond watch - the Omega Seamaster, Steve McQueen and his TAG Heuer Monaco and Marty McFly and his Casio; they’ve all become iconic pairings and will share a cool association long into the future.

Here are some of our favourite watches to have graced the silver screen.

Omega Seamaster

Films: GoldenEye, 1995, Tomorrow Never Dies, 1997, The World Is Not Enough, 1999, Die Another Day, 2002, Casino Royale, 2006, Quantum of Solace, 2008, Skyfall, 2012, Spectre, 2015


One of the most famous duos on the big screen, the Omega Seamaster is renowned for being a favourite choice for the James Bond watch.

Since 1995, 007 has been saving the world with an Omega Seamaster on his wrist. From Omega Planet Oceans to dressier Aqua Terras, the bond between Omega and James goes way back, both sharing an adventurous spirit and swoon-worthy style.


TAG Heuer Monaco

Film: Le Mans, 1971

A red carpet-worthy timepiece worn by the ‘King of Cool’, the TAG Heuer Monaco was Steve McQueen’s watch of choice in the 1971 film Le Mans.


Initially gaining attention for its striking square case, the Monaco’s status was further heightened by its silver screen appearance and now remains one of TAG Heuer’s most iconic models.

Did you know? The TAG Heuer Monaco was the world’s first square-shaped automatic watch and square-shaped chronograph watch.


Casio CA53-W

Film: Back To The Future, 1985


Both Marty McFly and this classic Casio were cult 80s icons. Complete with a calculator, stopwatch and calendar, this watch was the perfect other half to Marty - retro, charming and with plenty of tricks up it's sleeve.

Hamilton Khaki Aviation Pilot Day Date

Film: Interstellar, 2014

No stranger to the silver screen, Hamilton boast over 400 appearances in films and they were asked by the producers of Interstellar to create two very special watches.


Worn by Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey, playing the character of Cooper, in the 2014 Christopher Nolan-directed sci-fi film, the Hamilton Khaki Aviation Pilot Day Date watch is one which you can buy and wear today, whilst the other, nicknamed the 'Murph watch', was a very special custom-made design. 


Hamilton Ventura XXL

Film: Men In Black, 1997


Fitting with the science-fiction theme, the Hamilton Ventura is an eye-catchingly futuristic timepiece worn by Men in Black agents Kay and Jay - played by Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith.

An all-American classic, Elvis Presley was also a fan of the Ventura – he wore this watch in his 1961 film Blue Hawaii.


TAG Heuer Monaco Kingsman Special Edition

Film: Kingsman: The Golden Circle, 2017

So stylish it’s appeared in two films and therefore makes our list twice, the TAG Heuer Monaco received a stunning makeover for the second Kingsman film, Kingsman: The Golden Circle.


Worn by actor Halle Berry in the movie, this luxurious brown version of the famous Monaco marks a whole new period for this timeless classic.

TAG Heuer also launched a special version of the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 for this film, worn by the world-saving agents. Sadly, this version has all sold out but you can shop the Modular 45 collection here

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