Why Buy A Pre-Owned Watch?

Why Buy A Pre-Owned Watch?

Paying homage to a romantic bygone era of watchmaking, a luxury watch will stay with you for a lifetime and beyond.

Pre-owned watches are no different. If you’re thinking of buying a prestigious timepiece, it’s definitely worth considering a pre-owned watch.

Here are five reasons to buy a pre-owned watch. All of our pre-owned watches are Rolex watches, one of the best brands to buy pre-owned. 

1. Better price

Pre-owned watches are generally less expensive, that’s a fact.

Like with cars and other luxury items, you tend to pay a premium for being its first owner. Buying pre-owned means you avoid this.

And, because of the more accessible price point, you'll have a much wider choice of luxury watches, with brands and models that may not have normally been within your budget.


Pair this with the fact you can spread the cost of our pre-owned watches with up to 12 months Interest Free Credit, and you could be walking away with the watch of your dreams sooner than you think.

We also offer Interest Bearing Credit on terms over 12 months on pre-owned watches. Call our sales team free on 0800 169 2329 to find out more. 

2. Guaranteed authenticity if bought with original papers

We offer a 12 month warranty on all of our pre-owned watches, and they all undergo a thorough health check to guarantee they’re in perfect working order.

All of our pre-owned watches come in excellent condition, complete with the original box and the watch's papers. Not only is this an assurance of authenticity and quality, but it also guarantees a better price (if you ever want to sell it on in the future).


3. Wider choice

As well as more options for your money in the pre-owned watch world, there’s also a wider choice of models, full stop.

Buying a brand new watch limits your choice, in that you will only ever be able to buy current models. What about the watch you really liked the look of, but it’s no longer in production?

The pre-owned market offers a vast array of choices, styles and models, including pieces that have stopped being produced - often making them more sought after.

4. Pre-owned watches can retain their value

If you buy a pre-owned watch, there's a good chance you could sell it on for around the same price. However, this does depend on things like the condition and model of the watch, as well as the market at the time.

"Rolex's steel sports watches are a surefire investment. You never see examples older than two or three years selling for any less than what they originally cost." Simon de Burton, watch and luxury expert. 

Some pre-owned watches can even increase in value and become an investment, especially limited editions and some models of popular brands like Rolex. 

5. Older models are still relevant today

The world of luxury watches is timeless and made to last. Luxury watch brands use the very best materials and design to the iconic styling of the brand, meaning the watches remain in excellent condition and will never go out of style.

So, you can buy a pre-owned luxury watch and not worry about it being outdated in terms of style and quality. 

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