Breitling Superocean Heritage II | 60th Anniversary

Breitling Superocean Heritage II | 60th Anniversary

We’ve got a lot to thank the 1950s watch world for. Marking the birth of the ‘military’ and ‘professional tool’ watch era, the fifties also saw dive watches flourish - when diving became a pastime instead of just a military activity.

As ‘the official supplier to world aviation’, Breitling is most often recognised for the creation of exceptional pilots watches, yet the launch of the Superocean model in 1957 proved that they can take on the world of deep sea diving just as well. The Superocean range was so popular and enduring that the Superocean Heritage II collection was later launched as an entire line paying tribute to the 1957 original.


Celebrating 60 Years Of Aquatic Performance

The first Breitling Superocean watches were released in both chronograph and non-chronograph models and were quickly embraced by the earliest enthusiasts of recreational diving. Now, sixty years on and celebrating incomparable aquatic performance, we take a look at the Breitling Superocean Heritage II to mark its 60th anniversary.

Design Updates

There are numerous technological updates which make the new collection a force to be reckoned with in the modern day.

The new steel bezels - unidirectional, ratcheted and rotating - boast an ultra-hard high-tech ceramic ring that is scratchproof and shock-resistant, whilst the 120 outside teeth enable accurate adjustment and smooth rotation – useful not just for checking a dive time but for marking off time measurements in aviation too.


Notably, the dial design has now lost the metal ring surrounding the minute circle. This is a neat move by Breitling, where the bezel now appears to be at one with the dial, causing the matching colours to blend with one another for a more spacious aesthetic.

The Breitling B20 chronograph movement is the driving force hidden within the case. Interestingly, the movement is adapted from the Tudor Calibre MT5612, representing the recent collaboration of these two major Swiss watch brands to share their watchmaking expertise. As with all its movements, Breitling has developed it further to become chronometer-certified by COSC (the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute).


Original Detailing

Retaining the unique and timeless character of the 1957 model, Breitling has preserved many of the original intricate details.

The unusual shape of the hands remains intact - triangular for the hour hand and lozenge-like for the minute, with subtly cone-shaped hour markers.

As sturdy as the original, the steel case features a screw-locked crown and is water-resistant to 200m.


Whether you are a deep sea explorer or simply hold an appreciation for fine craftsmanship, the Breitling Superocean Heritage II is a thoughtful and modern take on one of the first original diving watches. With prices starting from £3,990 it’s a great value timepiece from one of the most accomplished watch brands in the world.


Breitling watches are entirely manufactured in Switzerland, adhering to the strictest quality Swiss watchmaking standards. They undergo nearly 1,000 checks during production, and all movements have successfully passed the extremely thorough tests of the COSC (Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute).

Any manufacturing fault is also covered by an international warranty valid for two years from the date of purchase, or for five years if your Breitling watch has a movement made by Breitling in-house.

Our Verdict

Things We Like

✔ The overall elegance, with its spacious and clean design

✔  The original detailing, such as the hour and minute hands

✔  Its rich heritage and story

Perfect For

✔  Fans of Breitling

✔  Those who want a heritage divers watch

✔  Passing down the generations

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