Celebrity Diamond Rings | Get The Look

Celebrity Diamond Rings | Get The Look

It’s no secret that we’re totally obsessed with diamonds and we’re pretty sure we’re not alone. When it comes to searching for a little bling inspiration, there’s no better place to look than to the stars. From royalty to Hollywood glamour, these famous ladies prove why diamonds really are a girl’s best friend. Here’s how you can get the look and sparkle like your favourite celebrity.

Meghan Markle


Prince Harry proposed to Meghan Markle with the most stunning engagement ring that he had designed himself. Meghan's said to love gold jewellery, so he chose a beautiful three stone diamond ring design, placed on a gold band. 

Three stone rings are such a romantic choice for an engagement ring, as each diamond is said to represent the past, present and future for you and your partner. It's a classic style that will always be timeless. 

If you want to get the look of Meghan's beautiful three stone ring, then this 18ct gold diamond three stone ring is the perfect choice. The three dazzling diamonds sparkle with the most incredible fire and the glistening gold band complements the diamonds beautifully. 

Elizabeth Taylor 

The beautiful Elizabeth Taylor was well known for her love of jewellery and sparkle, so we’re guessing she was very happy to be proposed to with one of the most jaw dropping engagement rings of all time. This wow-worthy 29.4ct emerald cut solitaire diamond engagement ring is enough to take your breath away (and enough to weigh your hand down!) Given to her by her third husband Mike Todd, it’s not just the size, but the sparkle of this ring that makes it truly magnificent.

Emerald cut diamond rings are a classic choice for an engagement ring, perfect for someone who loves to exude a timeless and traditional style like the stunning Miss Taylor.

Marilyn Monroe 

Marilyn Monroe's most famous piece of diamond jewellery was her stunning wedding ring. An eternity ring, filled with baguette-cut diamonds. It’s said that baseball legend Joe DiMagiio proposed to Marilyn spontaneously, so didn’t have an engagement ring prepared. When they married, she wore a temporary wedding ring, until he replaced it with her dazzling baguette cut diamond eternity ring.

Such a romantic choice for a wedding ring, eternity rings hold a meaningful message of eternal love. Eternity rings are often bought to celebrate a special occasion, such as an anniversary or having your first child, however many people choose an eternity ring as their wedding ring, as the diamond-filled band is the perfect way to complement an engagement ring.  

Princess Diana and Kate Middleton

One of the most famous engagement rings of all time, Princess Diana’s ring was loved by the world for its unique and traditional look. The central sapphire sparkles in the most beautiful deep blue tones, enhanced by the glistening diamond halo. Princess Diana chose this ring herself and as she was such a style icon, this style of ring instantly became very popular. What makes this ring even more special is that it was of course passed down to Kate Middleton when Prince William popped the question. This just proves how timeless this style is, as it looks just as beautiful on Kate years after Diana famously wore it.

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly’s engagement story is a true fairytale. The beautiful film star met the Prince of Monaco during the Cannes Film Festival in 1955. Once she returned to America, the Prince visited her later that year and proposed to her just three days later with the most incredible engagement ring. Her platinum ring held a magnificent 10.47ct emerald cut diamond, nestled between two baguette cut diamonds that fell elegantly down the ring’s shoulders. For those that love glamour and long to feel like a princess, channel your inner Grace Kelly with a show stopping central diamond and glamorous diamond set shoulders.

For everything you need to know about choosing your perfect diamond, our Diamond Buying Guide is here to help. And with so many shapes and styles to choose from, find out which diamond shape suits you here

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