How To Find The Right Watch Size

How To Find The Right Watch Size

If you’re shopping for a watch, you’ll probably have an idea of how you want it to look on your wrist – and size plays a huge part here. The size of watch you want is perhaps the first factor in determining your ideal watch.

Whether you do or you don’t have an idea of size, this post will give you a few pointers on how to find the watch size that’s right for you.


We’re aware this can be a bit of a challenge when shopping online, so - whilst we’ve created this online guide to help you - if you don’t have an idea of size it’s probably a good idea to head into store and try on a few watches to get a feel for the different options. And you get the added bonus of our lovely store teams being on-hand to give you some advice.

What’s a small watch size and what’s a large watch size?

Let’s get to it then. When we talk about watch size, what we’re actually referring to is the size of the watch case. The part where the battery, movement and other functions are housed, the case is the heart, soul and body of your watch.

The size of a watch case is measured in mm. For men, a smaller watch case is generally considered to be around 37mm – 39mm. 

A medium case size is 40mm – 42mm and large case sizes are 43mm and beyond. A fair few watches have gone even bigger than 45mm, like the Casio with their G-shocks, Breitling's iconic Navitimers and some fashion watches like Michael Kors, Hugo Boss and Emporio Armani

For women, petite sizes are around 20mm – 25mm, a medium sized case is around 26mm – 32mm and then a large watch case ranges from 33mm to 40mm.

Again, this is just a general guide. We see a lot of ‘ladies’ watches with extra-large cases of 40mm and above, competing with ‘men’s’ sizes.

However, quite a few brands now produce unisex watches, meaning it's less about whether it's for men or ladies and more about what size is right for you. 

Try on for size

Our watch case size guide will help give you an idea of how different sizes will look on your wrist. Just print at normal size, cut out your desired case size and place it around your wrist.

A general rule of thumb to follow is the height of the watch should not ‘spill’ over the height of your wrist. If the lugs of the watch extend over the edges of your wrist, the case is probably a little too large.

So, which watch size is right for me?

There’s no such thing as a wrong watch size; some like large oversized styles whilst others prefer a more slim-line dress look. What matters most is finding the size that looks and feels right for you.  

View our full watch size guide here (which includes a bracelet size guide), or get looking for your perfect watch now! 

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