Jewellery & Their Meanings

Jewellery & Their Meanings

A beautiful finishing touch to your outfits, a piece of jewellery can also carry hidden meaning and symbolise your personality in a beautifully subtle way.

Here are some of our favourite meanings and motifs, perfect for you, your best friend or your other half.

Lockets Of Love

Keep your most treasured memories close to your heart with a beautiful locket, or simply wear as a style statement. A wonderful and on-trend accessory for everyday, lockets also make a meaningful gift to treasure forever. 


P.s. We have some beautiful new diamond lockets for an extra special jewellery piece. 

Beautiful Bees

Symbolising brightness and power, our collection of pretty bee pieces are the perfect way to treat someone special. Not only are they super sweet and adorable, bee accessories are very on-trend and fashionable right now.

Infinite Style & Meaning

Representing eternity, empowerment and everlasting love, our infinity collection is full of the iconic and swirling infinity symbol. An elegant design, infinity jewellery will elevate your look to expressive new heights. 

The Tree Of Knowledge

Knowledge, wisdom and the positive energy of life are all represented by these beautiful tree pieces, which look as stunning as they are meaningful. An inspiring motif, a piece of tree jewellery will be a much-loved addition to modern jewellery boxes. 


Angelic Wings

Symbolising spirituality and protection, angels are believed to act as guardian spirits. These dazzling angel wing designs will make a cute gift for your favourite person. 

Free-spirited Feathers

A symbol of freedom and new beginnings, feather jewellery is one of our favourite trends right now. Even more so when you mix up the metals! 


For The Romantic At Heart

A timeless symbol that represents true love, a piece of heart jewellery is the most romantic accessory of all. It's a classic gift for your loved one, and a feminine finishing touch for you. 


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