Five Reasons To Own An Oris Watch

Five Reasons To Own An Oris Watch

An independent Swiss watch brand creating “real watches for real people”, Oris began in 1904 and have since become adored for their mechanical watches – the only watch they produce.

What is a mechanical watch? A mechanical watch uses a mechanism to power the watch. It is driven by energy from a wound spring, rather than a battery, and is made up of intricate components carefully crafted by expert watchmakers. 

Oris continue to make a name for themselves around the world with their robust, professional and beautifully crafted watches, designed to give you many years of pleasure.

So, without further ado, here’s five reasons why you should choose to own an Oris watch

1. Mechanical Masterminds

One of a tiny handful of Swiss watch brands that make only mechanical watches, Oris have been producing their mechanical masterpieces since their inception - with not a single battery in sight. 


A mechanical watch is a thing of beauty, designed according to principles that have been around for generations and will continue long into the future.

2. Since 1904

Their long history and heritage speaks volumes. Watchmakers Paul Cattin and Georges Christian founded the Oris watch factory in the Swiss village of Hölstein in 1904, and named their company after a small stream near the village.

Oris have been manufacturing mechanical watches without interruption ever since, boasting over a hundred years of expertise. In this time, the brand has been able to perfect the mechanical watch - a true work of art. 

3. The Importance Of Being Swiss

All Oris watches are entirely Swiss Made by Swiss craftsmen and have passed rigorous quality control tests before they leave the workshops.


“Each watch is beautifully crafted by a skilled Swiss craftsman to ensure they meet the required standard of perfection.”

4.  The Recognisable Red Rotor

The Red Rotor is a trademarked symbol of Oris’ “High-Mech” approach to watchmaking, emphasising the importance of traditional mechanics. An Oris watch is instantly recognisable by the Red Rotor of the self-winding movements, visible through the caseback.


A symbol of the natural power that fuels an Oris timepiece, whenever you see the Red Rotor you can be sure it’s a sign of an expertly crafted and a fairly priced mechanical watch.

5. Independent Spirit

Oris is one of the few Swiss watch brands to remain independent and run by its owners. This means their values are in safe hands, and they’re free to explore innovative and useful functions.

If you fancy discovering more about Oris and why we love the brand, read our Oris Brand Focus. Find out about the Oris collections and our two Oris ‘Objects of Desire’, including the Oris Divers Sixty-Five Heritage Automatic Watch.

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