November's Birthstone | Topaz

November's Birthstone | Topaz

Can you believe it’s November already? Because we can't! Whilst we try and get over the fact it's Christmas next month, we’re talking all things topaz, one of this month’s lovely birthstones.

The name ‘topaz’ derives from the ancient Greek name for St. John’s Island in the Red Sea, where lots of yellow stones were famously mined there. Throughout much of the stone’s history, topaz was thought to only come in yellow, so it was the name given to any yellow gemstones – even if they weren’t actually topaz!


Coming in shades of brown, green, red or pink as well as the ‘original’ yellow, blue topaz is the most popular when it comes to jewellery. 

Did you know? The ancient Egyptians and Romans believed this gemstone had the power to protect and heal.

Our collection of blue topaz jewellery is full of glacial blue tones, glistening like ice crystals. Paired with 9ct or 18ct white gold, the combination of pretty blues and lustrous white is breathtaking.  

We love these pear-shaped halo pieces, with the blue topaz surrounded by dazzling round brilliant diamonds for a glamorous yet elegant look.

This matching pendant and earrings are also filled with effortless elegance, and the gorgeous blue topaz adds a wonderful splash of colour.

From our exclusive Dance by Beaverbrooks collection, this beautiful 9ct White Gold Blue Topaz and Diamond Pendant holds the blue topaz at the centre, so it dances and flutters at the slightest movement.

And finally, this 9ct White Gold Diamond Blue Topaz Butterfly Pendant is one of our favourites, featuring a dainty butterfly adorned with diamonds, blue topaz and iolite.


“I got this necklace to celebrate the birth of my daughter as it contains her birthstone. Two years on with daily wear and it still looks gorgeous. So glad we picked this one.” - Mrs Duncan, Beaverbrooks customer.

These jewellery pieces make perfect presents for those with a November birthday, both beautiful and thoughtful. They also make striking jewellery box additions all year round! 

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