Adventure Watches | Divers, Pilot & Military

Adventure Watches | Divers, Pilot & Military

If you’re looking for a watch that does more than tell the time, you’re in the right place.

Filled with extra functions for specific purposes, a ‘tool’ watch is perfect for the adventurous at heart. Different hobbies require different tools, so we’ve rounded up some of our favourites for diving, aviation and outdoor hiking.

Diving Watches

An instantly recognisable style, dive watches have been around since the 1950s. Chunky and bold to withstand extreme pressure deep under the sea, a dive watch is easy to spot. The main functions of a dive watch include:

  • A unidirectional rotating bezel, which is a 60 minute ring around the dial that can be used to time how long you’ve been underwater
  • Easy-to-read markers and hands with luminous markers for optimum visibility in dark depths 
  • A water resistance of at least 200m, which is fine for scuba and recreational diving. 300m and over is suitable for professional and deep sea diving
  • Some, not all, diving watches will come with a helium escape valve, a feature for professional divers diving to depths of 200m and beyond for extended periods of time

What is a helium escape valve? When diving to these depths, a diver will travel down with a diving bell which is highly saturated with helium and hydrogen to counteract the toxic air found at these depths. Helium atoms are extremely small so easily slip inside a watch case, and as the watch depressurises on the ascent to the surface, the build-up of helium atoms inside the watch case could cause the crystal to ‘pop’ off the case. A helium escape valve allows the excess helium to escape. 

Oris Prodiver Titanium Automatic Chronograph 

  • The ultimate professional divers watch
  • Highly robust with an impressive case size of 51mm
  • Equipped with the innovative Oris Rotation Safety System, which takes the unidirectional rotating bezel one step further with its special ring grip around the bezel
  • Super visible counter displays 
  • Automatic helium valve
  • Water resistant to 1000m 
  • £3,200

Tudor Pelagos Titanium 

  • Unidirectional rotating bezel with luminous markers for optimal readability 
  • Tudor's iconic snowflake hands allow you to distinguish the hour hand from the minute hand easily 
  • Helium escape valve
  • Water resistant to 500m 
  • Highly respected by underwater professionals
  • £3,020

Our collection of Tudor watches are available exclusively at our Gateshead Metro, Manchester, Chester, Oxford, Doncaster and High Wycombe stores. 

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m Co-Axial Master Chronometer 

  • Black ceramic unidirectional bezel with a Liquidmetal diving scale
  • Helium escape valve 
  • Easy-to-read dial 
  • Water resistant to an excellent 600m 
  • £4,640

Pilot Watches

The iconic design of the pilot watch originated during the first and second World Wars, when there was a vital need for clear, easy-to-read timekeeping in the cockpit. Leading watch brands such as Omega and Zenith created watches specifically for pilots heading off to war. The main functions of a pilot watch include: 

•    A clean and highly legible dial, usually a black dial with large white numerical markers
•    A resistance to losing time when exposed to changes in gravity, centrifugal force and vibrations
•    Some pilot watches have a dual timezone feature, which is obviously good for those who travel a lot!  

Zenith Pilot Montre D'Aeronef Type 20 

  • A matte black dial featuring Arabic numerals made entirely from SuperLuminova SLN C1
  • A second 24 hour time zone indicator with red-tipped pointer for easy visibility 
  • £5,900

Bremont ALT1-WT World Timer 

  • One of the most intricate military watches, created for professional pilots and travellers 
  • Enables you to work out the global time zones using the International landing location in all 24 time zones 
  • The adjustable 24 hour hand can display UTC or 'Zulu' time 
  • £4,395

Breitling Professional Exospace B55 

  • Can simultaneously indicate two timezones, one with the hands and the other on the digital display 
  • Features a digital perpetual calendar with weeks indication 
  • Record "block times" (the time elapsed between the moment the airplane begins to move to the time it stops at the end of its mission) along with flight times, while memorising the date, departure and arrival times, takeoff and landing times as well as airport codes. You can then download all this information to your smartphone
  • £6,490 

Bell & Ross Aviation BR 01

  • Excellent readability with its black dial and large white Arabic numerals 
  • Heavily inspired by aeronautical instruments, which are the ultimate reference point for legibility 
  • £2,800

Military & Outdoor Watches 

A military watch is designed to be in the outdoors. Durable and robust, these watches are for those who need a reliable timepiece that will withstand the most extreme conditions. The main functions of a military watch include: 

•    Extreme durability and robust design. They will be large timepieces made from tough materials, such as steel and rubber
•    Long battery life, which is important for high performance in the field or outdoor activities
•    Tactical military features such as a compass, GPS and solar powering 

Casio G-Shock Mudmaster

  • Features a digital compass, a thermometer, world time display, 1/100 second stopwatch, countdown timer, five daily alarms with an hourly time signal, low battery alert and a full auto-calendar 
  • Dirt and mud resistant structure
  • £300 

Citizen Royal Marines Commandos 

  • Super titanium case and bracelet 
  • Water resistant to 300m 
  • Shock resistance, extreme temperature resistant (-10c to +60c) and anti-magnetic 
  • £499

Breitling Super Avenger II 

  • Made for the most extreme missions thanks to its rugged construction, screwed-in pushpiece guards and solid screw-lock crown with non-slip grip
  • Water resistant to 300m
  • £4,790 

If you're looking for an adventure or tool watch but you're not sure which one to choose, give our expert sales team a call on 0800 169 2329 - they'll be very happy to help! 

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