April's Birthstone | Diamonds

April's Birthstone | Diamonds

Our all-time favourite gemstone, diamonds are April’s birthstone for those lucky enough to have an April birthday.

Formed deep under the Earth’s crust billions of years ago, diamonds are amongst the world’s most sought after treasure. We’ve adored and adorned diamonds for centuries, believing they’re the ultimate gift and symbol of eternal love.


Diamonds are the perfect symbol of eternal love. 

Our Head of Buying & Merchandising, Adelle Thompson, a lifetime lover of diamonds, believes choosing your engagement ring is the most important jewellery purchase you'll make in your whole life. It's all about the sparkle and how it makes you feel. 

"What is most important is how that ring sparkles on your finger... Does it give you a little flutter in your heart?" Adelle Thomspon, Head of Buying & Merchandising and lifetime lover of diamonds. 

We love being a part of your most special moments, and helping you find the perfect diamond engagement ring is definitely one of them. All carefully crafted with the most exquisite diamonds, you'll know when you've found 'The One'.

Beautiful, elegant and full of sparkle, we love this 18ct White Gold Diamond Cluster Ring

Exclusive to us, this Hearts on Fire Transcend Platinum Diamond Ring is the epitome of glamour. 

From our exclusive Once by Beaverbrooks collection, in which all of our diamonds are hand-picked, this Once by Beaverbrooks Platinum Diamond Solitaire Ring is incredibly rare and beautiful. 

Diamonds also make the ultimate gift and are a true timeless treasure. 

Whether it’s a special birthday gift or a timeless treasure for yourself, celebrate April’s luxurious stone of the month with our breathtaking diamonds. Something you can wear for the rest of your life, there's nothing quite like the feeling of finding your perfect diamond. 

These 9ct White Gold Diamond Hoop Earrings are an on-trend style, enhanced with dazzling diamonds for a timelessly classic finish. 

Wear this 18ct White Gold Diamond Pendant for every single occasion and feel completely luxurious at all times. 

This 9ct Gold & White Gold Diamond Infinity Bracelet is the perfect finishing touch to an evening dress. 

You can read more about how to find the perfect diamond on our Diamond Buying Guide, or head over to our Pinterest for all the diamond inspiration you'll ever need. 

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